Apple patents the Active Stylus for iOS


Apple has received a patent for the prototype of its first pointing device named Active Stylus. The iOS devices will thus get a suitable stylus soon from the technology innovator Cupertino. Until the advent of this device, Apple claimed that the fingers are the best pointing device for their products. The new stylus is expected to make up for all the flaws caused by fingers.

The ‘Active Stylus‘ is more than a stylus which can merely input your touch on the screen. The current stylus works the touch screen devices in a passive way by blocking the electrical lines. On the other hand, Apple’s stylus can create electronic field by itself and transfer the signals to the main device. The speed and accuracy of a stylus can be increased in this way.

Therefore, the ‘Active Stylus‘ will not exhibit any lag like some S Pen. S Pen is much popular in market even though it exhibits a little lag in responsiveness. Apart from that, it is rumored that Samsung will include it with new Samsung Galaxy S4. It is clear that the ‘Active Stylus’ has a strong competitor when it becomes available in the market. Even though it can eliminate the lag factor, the bigger challenge is to prove that it is ‘more than a stylus’.
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