Apple releases iTunes 11.0.2 with Bug Fixs,Composer View improved big playlist syncing

Apple iTunes 11.0.2

Apple has released an iTunes 11.0.2. The new release addresses a few bug issues as well as comes with new features that aim to make using iTunes a smoother experience.

The update adds a new Composer view for music. To check this option out, you can head to View Options and then Composer. Apple also says that iTunes 11.0.2 features improved “responsiveness when syncing playlists with a large number of songs”.

Another issue that Apple has addressed with this new update is the problem where a lot of purchased items were not showing up in users’ iTunes libraries. Minor bug fixes and performance improvements were also a part of iTunes’ bump to version 11.0.2.

Besides the design changes and the iCloud integration, the new iTunes featured a new look for online music, apps, TV and movie stores. It also had a spanking new interface that keeps your favourite iTunes content at the forefront. With iCloud integration, music, movie and TV show purchases made on any iOS device or computer are now displayed in your iTunes library. Apple claimed the redesigned iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore were re-thought to make buying content on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC simpler.

The new library view lets you watch music, TV shows and movies, and allows you to click on the category of content you want to browse. The expandable album view allows you to see track listings for individual albums while letting you browse your music library. The new search feature searches across your entire iTunes library, including music, movies and TV shows. The MiniPlayer makes it easy to control your music with a small toolbar; you can skip to the next song or search for something new to play without having to open your library. Up Next is a new way to see what songs are coming up and queue songs or albums you want to hear next.

With iCloud, all of your iTunes purchases are in the cloud and can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC or Apple TV. The iCloud integration automatically puts all of your purchases into your library on your Mac or PC, regardless of which device you use to buy them. iCloud also remembers where you are in your favourite movies or TV shows no matter which device you’re using.

For Macs, Apple threw in a new feature that allows users to scan gift cards using the built-in video camera instead of typing them in. However, one does have the option to type it in should the camera not be able to read the code.

The updated iTunes 11.0.2 can  be downloaded now via the App Store, or through Apple’s site if you’re a Mac user.

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