Biggest Tech Failures of 2013 So far !


A lot of good things happened in tech this year along with some of the major launches which didnt managed to get the stir it wanted.We have tried to focus on some of the few tech launches this year which were not able to make it to the hype it created.

Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT - Biggest Tech Flops of 2013

The Surface RT was released in late 2012 as Microsoft’s response to Apple’s iPad. But, despite the company’s commercials that show the Surface RT outperforming the iPad thanks to some unique features, the Surface RT has had poor sales. Ultimately Microsoft had to take a $1-billion charge against its earnings because of unsold devices, and earlier this summer the company began slashing the Surface RT’s price.

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel - Biggest Tech Flops of 2013

The Chromebook Pixel is a great little computer. It has a crystal-clear screen, beautiful design, and numerous useful features, but at the steep price of $1,300, this Google laptop has failed to generate sales the way other Chromebook computers have.

BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry Z10 - Biggest Tech Flops of 2013

BlackBerry, formerly known as Research In Motion, was hoping to push back into the U.S. smartphone market this year with the BlackBerry Z10 as its crown jewel. But so far neither the Z10 or any of its other new devices have gained ground on Apple and Android. And now, BlackBerry has announced that it is considered selling itself.

HTC First

HTC First - Biggest Tech Flops of 2013

After years of rumors of a Facebook phone, Mark Zuckerberg and crew finally delivered with the HTC First. The device ran Facebook Home, a version of Android tailored to keep you within Facebook’s social network at all times. Facebook thought this would be a popular concept, but it soon learned some users did not want so much Facebook all throughout their smartphones. As a result, AT&T struggled to sell the device and quickly lowered its price from $99 to 99 cents.

YouTube on Windows Phone

YouTube on Windows Phone - Biggest Tech Flops of 2013

Twice this year Microsoft has tried to release a working version of a YouTube app for its  smartphones, but twice YouTube has had issues with the product and forced Microsoft to remove the app from its app store. Bickering between the two companies has left Windows Phone users without a way to watch YouTube natively through their smartphones.

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