How To Get Multitasking Bar On Mac OS X, Just Like iPhone or iPad


Ever Since i saw and used iPhone i was very impressed by its multitasking bar at the bottom.Its really helpful in closing loads of opened applications or easily switch to them by clicking it.Although this feature was never included on MacOS X.I always thought if i can get that working.

Well the developers have made made it possible by iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X by installing TaskBoard.

TaskBoard brings same looking iOS taskbar style to the Mac desktop, allowing you to kill background running apps in a similar way as you do in your iPhone. So follow up the tutorial below to get iOS type multitasking bar on Mac OS X:

1. First to got to download TaskBoard. It’s absolutely free. Download here.

2. Second you will have to install this application/software to your Macintosh machine. To do that run the downloaded file.

Taskboard Installation for MacOS X Main Screen

Taskboard Installation for MacOS X Main Screen

Follow The Instructions

Follow The Instructions Click Continue

Taskboard Installation Authentication

Authenticate yourself before installing Taskboard

Taskboard Successfully installed

Taskboard Successfully installed

3. Open System Preferences and navigate to “Other” category. You will find “TaskBoard” there. Select it to configure TaskBoard suitable to your usage.

Taskboard Preferences

Taskboard Preferences

4. You can also enable/disable or assign HotKeys (or say shortcut keys) to launch TaskBoard. By default it is: Control+Shift+Escape.

5. You Can Enable Multitouch Gesture, Launch at Login and set the orientation to either Vertical or Horizontal.

Taskboard in Action

Taskboard in Action – iOS type Multitasking bar now on Mac OS X

Taskboard will definetely chnage the way you switch between your apps or close them. If you are using TaskBoard, you can kill all the apps in one streak. The developer of the apps has released it in beta version currently. Surely the future updates would include much more additional features.

We Would Like to hear your thoughts on this application for sure !

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