HTC HD2 Modified to Run Windows RT

The HTC HD2 is famous for running every OS ever written, and now the latest to add to that is full Windows RT.
Out-of-the-box thinking from a guy @Cotulla is the reason why HTC HD2 runs on Windows RT. Cotulla and the guys out in the company have a long track-record of doing extra-ordinary things and HD2 is certainly no exception. It has happened now and the company deserves a round of applause for its attempt.
The pictures above and below were tweeted by Cotulla, who has been working on porting Windows Phone 8 to the HTC HD2.  It seems the work on getting UEFI to work on the device also paid off for Windows RT, which makes sense since both Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT boast the same kernel.
This innovation has left HD2 as the most hacked mobile devices at the moment. HTC has also contributed in opening the kernel and boot loader and has made the field open for the hackers to play. HD2 lived beyond the repeated porting from one OS to the other.
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