iBerry launches Auxus CoreX2 3G and Auxus CoreX4 3G in India


iBerry has officially launched two new Android tablets in the Indian market, the Auxus CoreX2 3G and  Auxus CoreX4 3G in India at a price of Rs.10,990 and Rs.15,990 respectively.

Auxus CoreX2 3G, which specifically refers to its dual‐core (2 cores) processor comes with a 7″ IPS display of a massive 1280x800px resolution with 210ppi which is the highest among any 7″ Tablet PC so far. It  runs on Android Jellybean 4.1 also comes with inbuilt SIM slot for 3G Internet & Voice calls at a price of Rs.10,99Auxus CoreX2 3G specs


Auxus CoreX4 3G, is the 1st ever attempt in India to equip a Quad‐core CPU on a 9.7″ Tablet PC.  Auxus CoreX4 3G boasts of Samsung Exynos 4412 Quadcore 1.6GHz 32nm HKMG processor with 32‐bit dual‐channel DDR3 RAM of 2GB.


With its presence of inbuilt 3G SIM slot, GPS, IPS display, 16GB inbuilt memory, Auxus CoreX4 3G stands as one of the premium 9.7″ Tablet PC at an economical price of Rs.15, 990.

Announcing the launch of both these tablets, iBerry said,[quote]When the current Indian tablet PC market is flooded with price-driven tablet PCs, we take immense pleasure and pride to announce the launch of India’s 1st dual-core CPU and quad-core CPU based tablet PCs, both with inbuilt 3G SIM slot for calls and Internet.[/quote]


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