Windows 8 Store now has over 35,000 apps

Windows 8 Store Now Offering More than 35000 Apps

According to MetroStore Scanner, Microsoft Store has over 35,000 apps, over 22,000 of which are available in the UK.

Windows 8 Store now has over 35,000 apps

The total tally, 35,167, represents a growth of 14,557 in the last 35 days, indicating that Windows 8 is accreting applications to its platform at a rate of around 415 per day. For comparison, in early November, Windows 8 was adding 362 applications per day.

Development activity has therefore increased since the launch of Windows 8 itself. Microsoft must certainly be pleased.

Of the 35,167 applications, over 22,000 are available in the U.S. market.

Unfortunately, MetroStore Scanner doesn’t offer a breakdown of x86 vs. ARM apps, but as far as web traffic goes, the Windows 8 RT platform isn’t doing too hot.

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  • Rakesh Sharma

    Most of them are the same on iOS…

  • Vikram Rathod

    Windows 7 is here to stay as long as XP did.

    Windows 8 sucks.