Luna Recovery Plan Announced by Terra Labs

Luna Recovery Plan Announced by Terraform Labs

The Terra ecosystem seems to be in a bit of a fix lately as both its native tokens, LUNA and UST, have been dropping lower and lower on the charts. Yesterday, the market crash wiped off about 40% and 60% of the respective tokens’ values. The pessimistic sentiment continues as at the time of writing the price of LUNA stands at $4.51 and UST stands at $0.304.

Why is Luna Crypto Crashing

Luna Recovery Plan

The Terra community has understandably been concerned about the current state of affairs regarding the Terra ecosystem. Luckily, Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs (Founder of Luna Cryptocurrency), took to Twitter and made an announcement to calm people’s nerves.

In the Tweet, Kwon stated that he’s “close” to announcing a recovery plan for UST. After this, he asked people to “hang tight” and thanked them for their support during the difficult time.

Kwon also stated that he might be quiet for a while as he needs to focus completely on delivering on his promises.

He tweeted that he is “getting close…stay strong, lunatics.”

Kwon, however, did not elaborate on the details of the recovery plan in his Tweets. It is worth recalling the fact that the LFG Council had voted to deploy $1.5 billion in capital to ally market concerns around UST on May 9. The motive behind this move is to strengthen the liquidity around UST’s peg.

This leads people to believe that Kwon’s recovery plan could perhaps include something more with regard to reserve funds.

As always, Twitter users had an opinion on Terra’s situation and many were negative. Peter Schiff went as far as to say that “guys at Luna” don’t understand the “stability” essence of stablecoins.

Did you invest in LUNA lately, if yes what do you feel about the Terra ecosystem?

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