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TruePNL Launchpad -

Since its swift takeoff in October, the TruePNL Launchpad has held over 40 projects for IDOs and private presales, and it seems the team has no intention of slowing down, launching 5 sales per week on average. TruePNL takes the evaluation process seriously and critically examines every project before presenting it to the community: the potential upside is much more crucial, and the hype levels are not the only fundamental criteria.

Taking a look at the past sales, TruePNL is not guided by taking onboard only the most hyped cases and strives to provide a variety of investment opportunities, launching sales of the up-and-coming DeFi solutions and protocols, along with P2E games and NFT Metaverses.

As of the present, $4.3M has been raised by the TruePNL Launchpad.

Some notable cases include Everlens, with an all-time high of x7, BitHotel x7.5, and SolChicks, reaching an ATH of x16 – the last one became the biggest fundraising case of the TruePNL Launchpad to date with $550K worth of tokens sold, and the campaign reaching the exposure of 1M users in total.

One of the recent launches is the Tales of Chain sale, for which both private and public pools were open. The launch has attracted over 700 investors, making this sale one of the most efficient when it comes to the number of token holders a project can get on TruePNL. The TGE of Tales of Chain is scheduled for January and investors are expecting the $TALE token to skyrocket.

The TruePNL community has also increased 5 times, reaching almost 40K registered users actively taking part in sales selected by the platform.

TruePNL Launchpad

The staking update and the improved sales model

Following its mission to strengthen its Ecosystem and increase the usability form more users, TruePNL has released quite a few major developments.

Recently, the team has successfully launched staking of $PNL – the native token of the TruePNL Ecosystem. The feature has been presented as the most anticipated TruePNL update of 2021 and works on the BSC Network for lower fees.

$PNL staking allows users to use it as a gateway to joining the upcoming sales on the TruePNL Launchpad. By staking $PNL tokens, users get PNLg points – the off-chain $PNL feature serving as a payment unit for getting allocations.

​​The essential benefits of $PNL Staking for users:

  • Stakers receive their PNLg rewards for $PNL almost immediately, and can use them to get tokens in an open pool on the spot;
  • Allocations in private sales are always guaranteed, the chance of getting an allocation in IDOs is higher in comparison with the old sales model;
  • Longer periods of staking also bring up to 300% additional PNLg boosts and up to 6% APY rewards payable in $PNL.

The implementation of staking has significantly amended the sales guidelines: from now on, more TruePNL users have the opportunity to get a share of tokens not only in public but also in private, aka Vested pools of the projects presented on the Launchpad – to join the pool, users only need to invest their PNLg points, in the amount sufficient to getting an allocation they want.

Users can still collect their daily PNLg rewards the old way: by holding the $PNL token or providing liquidity on PancakeSwap and UniSwap.

The in-built calculator allows estimating the amount of PNLg a user will earn depending on the $PNL staking amount and the time of token lock. There is no need for complex calculations, as everything can be figured out on the staking page and in every Vested project card.


Staking of 1000 PNL tokens for the longest time – 24 months – brings a user 2.19M PNLg points and a 6% APY at the end of staking.

The value of PNLg points in $1 varies from project to project, depending on the pool size, demand and popularity. For now, the average cost goes to 200 PNLg points per $1 of the allocation.

With 2.19M PNLg earned by staking, a user can get an allocation of $5000, by putting 1M PNLg points into the vested pool, or go with a diversification strategy and split the PNLg reward for getting shares in the bigger number of projects.

The updated sales model has already received positive feedback from users. Lowering the sales entry threshold provides the TruePNL Launchpad a significant competitive advantage, and allows buying allocations at a reduced cost.

The general UX and appearance of the TruePNL Launchpad have also been improved, becoming more comprehensible and user friendly. The key pieces of the information about the projects are now more accessible for users, granting them a more robust and secure investment solution. However, it is vital to mention that TruePNL appeals to DYOR principles, as it remains the #1 rule for all launching platforms.

Last but not least, the team has also pleased the users with more improvements.

PNL token has been finally created on the BSC Network, which is a great deal of a significant fee reduction compared to the Ethereum Network – users can withdraw $PNL to BCS wallets at a 100 times less commission. The ERC20 and BEP20 $PNL are equal, users can use the bridge to transfer tokens from one network to another.

With an increasing number of Solana-built projects, the TruePNL Launchpad has added Solana wallet support.

TruePNL has also received a grant from Harmony protocol and has already implemented the necessary technicalities to the Launchpad infrastructure to take on the projects to launch on the Harmony Testnet.

The team continues to upgrade the capabilities of their product and keeps up with the feedback and aspirations of their community, which is very important in a highly competitive market.

Merged Finance – the internal startup of TruePNL

It’s great to acknowledge, that the team keeps up with the market demand and is always on the lookout for new financial applications to build: even though it has been on the Roadmap long before their own IDO, TruePNL has presented Merged Finance – a multi-chain protocol for investing in crypto indexes, and is now working on meeting the scheduled platform release date in Q1 2022.

The mission of the protocol is to allow users with any experience to create a diversified portfolio in just a few clicks: with a single token, a user can get a bundle of underlying assets, including different asset types such as utility, LP, governance tokens, and vaults. The protocol is also going to be equipped with automated tools such as staking of the underlying assets and the smart rebalancing system to minimize gas fees.

All mass-adopted chains are going to be integrated: with the Binance Smart Chain as a starting point, followed by Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum Network. The next step for the team is to add integrations with developing Layer2 chains such as Optimistic, Arbitrum and Moonbeam.

The team is aiming to present a solution packed with the finest automated DeFi tools, allowing users to avoid the complex onboarding and saving their efforts of portfolio management.

Official release is planned for Q1 of 2022. The waiting list is now open for everyone who wants to test out the features of the platform and promises numerous benefits for the first users like access to exclusive expert-built indexes.

What’s coming up next? 

Despite the market fluctuations and slowdown, the team is intended to continue to evolve and strives to deliver more profitable financial opportunities in 2022.

TruePNL Launchpad has kickstarted the private sale of UNO Farm – a DeFi yield sources aggregator with intelligent cross-chain assets management. The project’s mission is to bring together all the best yield sources in one tool, providing not only a unified interface to all major farms and liquidity pools but also to automate and maximize yield generation.

Another up-and-coming sale of the P2E gaming project is also live on TruePNL: BattleVerse is a free P2E online game using DeFi x NFT and blockchain technologies. A unique feature of the project is a Multichain technology – the ability to manage your gaming assets by interacting with different blockchains.

Both vested sales are available for all KYC verified users: to participate, users need to invest PNLg points according to the desired allocation size.

Two more projects are also in the lineup, and soon TruePNL will announce the new investment opportunities in their social media.
This Holiday season and in celebration of the official opening of the Merged Finance Waiting list, TruePNL has also launched a giveaway, offering rewards in PNL tokens and PNLg points to the winners.


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